Within the first year as Animation Team Lead at Gamesys, I was responsible for hiring 3 traditional animators. I knew that the work tasks coming our way wouldn't always require traditional animation. At times we'd go weeks without drawing animations frame by frame. So, as I always believed that animators are like athletes and as such they need training to stay fit, I aimed to give the team a chance to train, everyday.  I came up with the concept of "warmupanimations". Everyday, first thing in the morning, the animators, or whoever wanted to join the initiative, would be allowed to use 10 minutes to create an animation. At times we chose a subject to explore, but mostly it was random choices. As the initiative did become quite popular amongst the extended department, I encouraged people with no animation background to give it a go, with whatever technique or style would suit them best. I then decided to set up a Tumblr ( It was about 8 years ago ) and an IG Account to share the results of this exercise. 
Below you can find the links to the accounts mentioned above and a selection of my own contribution to this project. 
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