I worked on the creative direction of this trailer. I wanted the movement and the storytelling to revolve around the trophies and their history. Using details, lighting and sound I wanted to create a build up to a transition from a series of silver and static objects to an actual horse race. 
Time was tight as we had a month to deliver and limited staff to work on this project. 
I directed this whilst line managing a team of 25. 
Co - Directed by Ryan Markkula 
3d Generalists: Luke Penry and Max Leung 
3d Animation: Natalie Young 
Audio and Editing: Scott Hobbis 
I usually brainstorm and pitch my ideas to the team using a whiteboard and drawing very rough storyboards with key shots which I would like to see in the final edit. I then take this and translate it into a more developed paper version of itself. 
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