At Gamesys, my old employer, they have core values which are used to hire, to review and to inspire all employees. Such Values were referred to as the Gamesys DNA strains and each one of them had a color scheme, a name and a little quirky character.
They also have an award for top performer employees which is called "Kicking the Lamp".
These values and the award are tied together as the application of one will potentially result in the other. 
I was asked to come up with an animated video to give a bit of background to how such characters have come to life and how they relate to "Kicking the Lamp".
I took the creative license to give the whole thing an 80’s superhero animated intro vibe and I developed a concept which saw Tiki Monkey ( one of Gamesys’s own games IP, Tiki Island ) being involved in the story as the main character. 
 Monkey suddenly finds himself surrounded by an environment which is and represents the complete opposite of what the core values of Gamesys stand for. As in an emergency, Monkey calls for help with his special watch.  The Dna strains respond to monkey’s call and turn into his special armour. He is now our DNA Hero and with splashes of colours, turns boredom, abusive behaviour and homogeneity into a colorful, diverse  and fun environment, where everyone is a different dna strain. 
I storyboarded and directed this video while line managing a team of 25. 
The concept and story were developed with Scott Hobbis who also edited the work.  
The animation was done by the talented Al Cox, Haakon Ziegler, Natalie Young, Beatrice Borghini. The compositing was done by Max Leung. The Backgrounds were done by Assim Heetun and Joshua Summana. ​​​​​​​
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