Direction, Animation Direction and early Storyboard
I always used the game mechanic as inspiration for the game trailer. The main feature of this game was Jin, the Red Panda ( WILD ) and its power to bounce on the mushrooms at the bottom of the reel strips and land in different places on the reels, giving the players more chances to win. I thought that showing Jin chasing other characters ( game symbols ) and jumping around the jungle would be a fun way of hinting to the game mechanic before actually showing gameplay. Al Cox worked on the final Storyboard of this trailer and the 2d animation was  Al Cox and Beatrice Borghini. Øyvind Stillerud and Ryan Markkula worked as 3d generalists. Ryan Markkula supervised the 3d and compositing of the trailer. I give him all the credit for the first ever time we integrated 3d and 2d in a trailer as a team. 
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