THIS is a cloudmaker. 

You have probably never seen one before and the chances are that you never will get to see one with your own eyes.

It is one of many, however, there aren't many at all, if you compare the numbers to those of all living things. 

You may be wondering " what is a cloud maker ? " or " What is this ? " 

Well, I can only tell you what I know about the cloud makers but don't take my word for definite truth as truth is that no one really knows the truth about them. 


The Cloudmakers are ancient creatures. They are shy "little" tin boxes ( their bodies are tiny compared to the length of their skinny long legs ) Their legs camouflage amongst the tree trunks in the deepest, thickest forests. They extend towards the sky, beyond the clouds. The  cloud makers are "tin" boxes, characterized by one large port hole which we will refer to as the eye. It usually has got a coloured lens on it. You may see multiple little holes in them ( not sure what for ) 

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